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update December 2020: production is stopped indefinitely


Magic Button

A bluetooth remote control for the BMPCC 4k or 6k*

magicbutton for bmpcc

Sergio M.

It is incredible, thank you very much for creating and sharing this device! 

It will help me a lot in my work...

Bastian G.

I'm a big fan of the product. I think it is the best add-on for the camera and everyone should know about it.

Main features

Focus Control

The wheel controls the focus of your native lens (if your lens supports it). It works with adapters such as the Metabones for EF lenses, but that seems to be having some quirks once in a while (it's an adapter issue, not a MagicButton issue).

Assignable buttons

Nine functions can be assigned to any button: Record, Aperture, Shutter, ISO, WB, Tint, AF, GoodTake, MagicFF Deactivate.

MagicFF control

The MagicFF (a modded Zhiyun Crane 2 follow focus) can be controlled simultaneously while connected to the BMPCC. The MagicButton wheel can be dynamically toggled to control either the BMPCC or the MagicFF.

*It works with a BMPCC6k, but I haven't tested it personally. This was reported by a user.

magicbutton for bmpcc
button layout.png

Additional features and info

A/B endstops

A/B endstops (open loop), wheel speed and wheel direction can be set.

Dual micro USB power, dual button pairs

The MagicButton is designed to be used in any orientation. That's why there's a micro USB power plug on both sides (but please use only one at a time), and the buttons' functions can be flipped.

Bright RGB LED

The LED clearly indicates the (recording) status. This is useful in bright sunlight.

OLED Screen

A screen shows the current status, and the menu system.


The firmware can be upgraded. The MagicButton connects to Wifi (or can become a Wifi access point). Do you have a cool idea that you would like to see implemented? Let me know! Maybe I'll integrate it ;)

3D printed case

In durable, temperature resistant plastic (ABS).


Tiny. Easy to mount

Comes with a handy mount, with a 1/4" screw. The whole thing measures only 65 x 35 mm.



Convert your Zhiyun Crane 2 follow focus so it can be used with the MagicButton, and the MagicFF iOS App... wireless!

No need for the Crane 2 anymore

Relife your Crane 2 FF

magicff zhiyun crane 2 motor mod

Main features

All new electronics

The electronics inside the FF is replaced so the motor can be wirelessly controlled from the MagicButton or the iPhone.

12V-20V DC input

The new electronics has a 12V to 20V input power jack (5.5x2.1)


An antenna is added to the FF.


Send me your Zhiyun Crane 2 FF ("CMF-01"), and I'll convert it for you. Or, order the new electronics board and perform the easy mod yourself.

magicff zhiyun crane 2 motor mod
magicff modified zhiyun crane 2 motor

Additional features and info

A/B endstops (auto or manual)

Endstops can be set by automatic detection, or manually by either moving the motor or turning the lens by hand to the endstops. The motor remembers its last position when powered on (if the lens/motor is not moved while powered off, of course)

Fully customisable 

The PID control loop parameters of the motor, and the AB endstop auto detection parameters can be tuned as per your liking.

Stand alone use

The MagicFF can be used with only the iPhone. There's no need for the MagicButton (or the Zhiyun Crane 2). Pull focus, or zoom, ... with your iPhone!  


The firmware can be upgraded. The MagicFF connects to Wifi (or can become a Wifi access point). Do you have a cool idea that you would like to see implemented? Let me know! Maybe I'll integrate it ;)

Sturdy case

The case and mount remains the same as on the original follow focus and is not modified.


magicff modified zhiyun crane 2 electronics


Control the Magic FF with your iPhone

Pull focus, zoom, from your iPhone

Main features

Supports all features of the MagicFF

Set as A/B endstops, control motor power, etc...

Set Markers and Targets

The app shows the position of the motor in real time. You can set markers, and targets. The motor goes to a target when a target button is pressed.

Save your setup

Endstops, markers, targets, etc... can be saved. So you can have a different setup for each lens.


The app is freely downloadable from the App Store. You need the MagicFF to use it.

magicff control with ios app


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magicbutton and mount




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incl. free iOS app

magicff electronics




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incl. free iOS app



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